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WilkinsonFuture Makes Investment into Flexa Careers

The investment will help accelerate Flexa towards a goal of 800 Flexified companies by the end of 2022.

WilkinsonFuture is pleased to announce our investment into Flexa ( Flexa provides much needed transparency in the job hunting process by verifying companies as truly flexible, and increasing their discoverability through Flexa's online job platform.

The pandemic has accelerated people's desire to find work that affords more flexibility – working from home, flexible work hours, bringing a dog to the office, etc. Flexibility is a buzzword in today’s job market, and many companies market themselves as ‘flexible’, without actually following through. Flexa enables candidates to search for truly flexible job opportunities with confidence, as every company on Flexa's platform goes through an extensive audit process called Flexification - ensuring they are flexible as they say they are. The team is also launching their Tranformation platform, which helps companies who want to move towards a flexible work environment, but don't know where to start.

Led by founders Molly Johnson-Jones and Maurice O'Brien the team has Flexified over 100 companies to date including the likes of Allianz, FarFetch and Oddbox. If you are interested in having your company Flexified, or are simply searching for flexible career opportunities, head on over to Flexa's website at to find out more.


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