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WilkinsonFuture Makes £100K Investment into Unplugged

Unplugged provides luxury tech-free getaways within a stone's throw of London

WilkinsonFuture has made an investment in Unplugged to help fund their next stage of growth and expansion into new markets. London-based Unplugged offers secluded luxury cabins in easily accessible locations surrounding major metropolitan cities. Guests are invited to escape relentless emails and Zoom calls by enjoying time off-grid in the beautiful British countryside.

Founders Hector Hughes and Ben Elliott started Unplugged in late 2019 after Hector participated in a retreat overseas. Upon arrival, guests lock their smartphones away in a box and are given keys to a luxurious secluded cabin offering all the comforts of a small home away from home. Emails, snaps and habitual social media scrolling, are exchanged for books, games and maps for people explore the local area. Over the course of 3 days guests get the chance to unplug and leave feeling refreshed and recharged.

Despite the inevitable challenges of starting an accommodation and leisure business just prior to a global pandemic, Unplugged have enjoyed tremendous success over 2021. Since April, the company has grown from 1 to 10 countryside locations surrounding London. With occupancy close to 100%, the team have many new locations in the pipeline. Over the next year, they plan to add 30 more cabins and prepare to expand to other UK and European cities.

In addition to their ambitious expansion plans, the team is working on additional perks for guests to help enhance their tech-free stays. In keeping with Unplugged's mission to help people unplug from their devices, perks will center around wellness and mental health, including yoga classes and other wholesome experiences for guests who want to further enhance their retreat.

We look forward to supporting Hector, Ben and the rest of the Unplugged team in the next stage of their growth through 2022 and beyond. Be sure to visit their website at to find out more and book your very own retreat!


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